RéseauxInde : a meeting place for Indian and French businessmen

Your network is a key factor of success of your international company.

By joining RéseauxInde of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and industry, you contribute to develop it.

 A cultural circle

French as India is a market that must be considered in the medium term, where interpersonal relationships are important. The ability to expand its network and build close relationships are the keys to success.

By joining this network of SMEs, you will come across French business leaders and Indian diplomats and media personalities and experts.

The spirit of a Club

Promoting the exchange of good experiences, RéseauxInde promotes the sharing of ideas among business leaders with similar interests. It also offers them the opportunity to compare their approach from an external point of view.

Companies looking for exports to India or in France will benefit from the precious advice of its well-versed members. The pooling of shares and the development of business opportunities are also among the objectives of this Club.

Appointments : Formal and Informal

•    In the tri-mestrial meetings, a relevant guest is invited keeping in mind the theme chosen by the members of the Club.
•    A directory of member companies.
•    The guests can share their ideas and discuss with the companies already operating in the Indian market and in the French market.
•    Meeting with Indian business delegates visiting Paris and French businessmen.


 •    A special tariff is offered on the support provided to the international companies by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
 •    Privileged access to corporate networks in India.

Practical information

How to adhere to RéseauxInde ?

You wish to subscribe to RéseauxInde? Nothing more simple.

Please download the Membership form, fill in your details and return it to us with payment.

Produit indisponible


  • Amount of the annual membership for companies: 150 HT (180 TTC)
  • Amount of the annual membership for institutions: 300 HT (358,80 TTC)
  • Download the annual membership form
Votre contact

Olivia CalvetOlivia CALVET-SOUBIRAN
"Accélérez votre développement en Inde en vous appuyant sur l'expérience des PME déjà  présentes dans ce pays!"

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Vos conseillers en Inde (Bombay/Mumbai)

Mr. Sameer M. Nawani
Trade Advisor - India Desk -  Paris Region CCI
Deputy Director - ASTech-Systematic Hub  
Tél : +91 22 66 10 45 57

Ms. Kesha Doshi
Trade Advisor – India Desk – Paris Region CCI
Manager – ASTech-SYSTEMATIC India Hub
Tél : + 91 22 66 10 47 55

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